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Why is it important to have a proper diagnosis?

Because how do you treat something if you do not have a proper diagnosis?

Having a pulled muscle is not a proper diagnosis or feeling pain in the shoulder is not a proper diagnosis; pain is merely a symptom, but it does not identify the cause of the pain.

With a proper diagnosis, we can figure out how to give you the treatment that that is going to get you better.

Additionally, you must also seek treatments that are approved by the health board that is backed by evidence and accredited, that means the equipment that you use must be evidence-based.

For severe cases, sometimes we will refer patients to a medical doctor or an orthopaedic surgeon to make sure that what we're doing is not going to cause pain.

We do not advise getting adjustments and cracks by unlicensed therapists without taking a proper history or doing appropriate tests because it can cause damage to people.

At Spine and Joint, we want to have a one-stop place to treat musculoskeletal conditions including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, stretching, rehabilitation and even Osteopathy and Japanese Acupuncture.

Therefore, we want to make it cost effective, easy to access quality care and smooth flowing during each treatment.

We run on a very fixed evidence-based approach that is convenient for people and that people trust because nowadays, you want to make sure that the person you see knows what they're talking about.

To get in touch with us, contact us at any of our centres listed on the homepage.

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