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Fitness First Collaborates with Spine & Joint to Offer FREE onsite Spinal Screening for Club Members

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Treat your body to the care it deserves!

For the first time, Fitness First is teaming up with Spine and Joint to offer their club members FREE on-site spinal screening at selected clubs along with other privileges.

Spine and Joint is a team of professionals specialised in helping patients achieve optimal musculoskeletal health through a combination of signature treatments involving physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.

Founded by Dr Nick Boden, we hold our philosophy of care close to our heart. With 3PhaseCare™, we address the needs of a patient in three stages, Painful, Recovery and Maintenance so that patients can enjoy the freedom of mobility and continue to live an active lifestyle. Most of the patients we treat experience common symptoms like neck, back, shoulders and knee pain.

Under the #BeyondFitness campaign by Fitness First, Spine and Joint aims to educate gym goers to be more proactive of their musculoskeletal health and caring for their spine as this will allow them to go further with their training and help them perform at their optimal best.

To kickstart this collaboration, we are offering complimentary on-site spinal screening exclusively for Platinum and Club Members of Fitness First on the 9th and 23rd of April at Fitness First Platinum 1 Mont Kiara and Fitness First Platinum Avenue K. For future screenings, you can also reach out to Fitness First or contact Spine and Joint to arrange for an appointment.

As gym doors reopen after the MCO was lifted, it's important to be more attentive of our physical condition, strength as well as mobility as staying indoors and working from home may prevented many of us from maintaining our pre-COVID exercise regime.

Hence, we need to keep our body in check and ensure that our musculoskeletal health is at its optimal to avoid any injury when we're getting back in the game.

At Spine and Joint, the treatments not only help patients get relief from their issues of neck pain, knee pain, back pain and so on, but it also prevents them from being susceptible to any other kinds of pains or injuries.

By combining the benefits of manual adjustments and advanced equipment, patients undergo non-invasive personalized treatments to stimulate healing without medication or surgical intervention.

With this collaboration, Fitness First and Spine and Joint are also extending a special offer for Spine and Joint customers when they join as a member of Fitness First.

This collaboration is important because treatments at Spine and Joint are designed to go beyond just treating inflammation and symptoms. When you have an injury, you'd want to get better quickly so you can get back to exercise and the activities you love.

But the real journey to long term recovery requires physical therapy to help you heal and prevent any future problems and once you are healed, your personal trainer at Fitness First will assist you by curating a fitness program to help you get back to your pre-injury fitness level -- or help you get even fitter.

Whether it’s an aching back, a shoulder twinge, or a niggly knee, injury presents a turning point in your fitness journey. Hence, it's vital for personal gym trainers to have the right equipment, training and experience to help patients in their rehabilitation process.

For Fitness First members, you can also visit any Spine and Joint clinic and enjoy the privileges below. All you need to do is flash your Fitness First membership card!

For more info on Spine and Joint, visit us at and @spineandjointasia on social media.

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