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Managing headaches

We had a saying in chiropractic school that said, "A headache is not due to lack of painkillers."

So what happens is people suffer from headaches quite commonly.

75% of headaches actually come from your neck that are cervicogenic in nature.

That's usually due to bad posture, or some cervical spondylosis - damage in the neck which causes pain to happen in the head.

Headaches are commonly treated very well by chiropractors with the right diagnosis and the right checkup to make sure that the headache you're suffering from is coming from the neck.

Now, what we normally do is we pop a paracetamol - some form of painkiller to help treat your headache, but that's okay for a couple of days.

Actually, you should not take those medications for very long, because you can cause some long-term liver damage and also damage your kidneys as well.

In most cases, these headaches are well treated conservatively.

That means we can take a simple x-ray, so that we can try to understand what is causing the headache.

We can look at your neck and treat it so that we can improve it in a natural safe manner without having to take too much medication or any medication at all.

Come in and see us because we can also help make sure that this is not a migraine, which is a different category of headache.

So if you're getting headaches, and that seems to happen towards the end of the day, when you're tired, you start to feel that pain in your neck or running into your head.

That's normally a cervicogenic headache, which we can treat quite well.

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