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How does technology help in heathcare? i.e. Chiropractors and Physiotherapists

If you look at medicine in the last 20 years, we have revolutionised our healthcare system by embracing technology.

Up until 20 years ago, the most tech-related application was just an X-ray and a CT scan.

Now, if you're a Cardiologist today, you cannot survive without a 128 slice CT scan machine, because it will tell you very quickly if there a problem with the heart.

So medicine is being driven by technology.

Even with us with what we do with our insoles, for example, we use 3d printing to print the insoles of 3D FEET, with our 3d scanner, because these technologies are enhancing the quality of care.

There are some things that manual therapy is not good at treating, let's say, for example, a heel spur. If you manipulate the back of a patient like a standard adjustment, it is not going to fix your heels as it's a problem in the foot.

For that we have Shockwave Therapy, that treatment takes about four minutes, you have only have to do once each week for five sessions, and you have a 70% chance of getting better.

Same as a slipped disc. If you have a slipped disc, we know that decompression tables are very good at treating this problem.

Our machines are all FDA approved. So this is where you cannot survive today without embracing technology. And that's why you need to have the proper equipment to complement what you're doing.

Some patients can't be manipulated; they've got osteoporosis. They're not eligible for manipulation, but they have pain. To help them, we have our decompression table.

Every single patient is unique. And that's also something that we do at Spine and Joint. We make sure that our treatments are tailor-made for the individual.

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